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This policy applies for cases scheduled at WHSC and services provided by AUSTIN SURGICO & Premium Anesthesia


Cancellation of a scheduled procedure with less than 7 business days advanced notice will result in a $500.00, non-refundable cancellation fee. Cancellations with in 48 business hours prior to your procedure date will result in a penalty of 50% of your total charge for operating room and anesthesia fees. If you chose to postpone or reschedule for any any reason you must reschedule with in 12 months of your original schedule date. Failure to reschedule with in 12 months will result in a total loss of your surgery fees and you will not be eligible for any refund. 


If your physician cancels your surgery for life threatening health reasons, consideration will be taken for this circumstance. We must received a dictation from your physician on company letter head outlining the circumstances and receive any supporting documentation that applies, i.e. records of ER visits, diagnostic scans identifying medical condition, etc. Please submit this documentation to 512.879.6866 and have your physician contact us directly.


Please note that lab values are not considered a valid reason for surgery cancellation with less than 7 business days notice. If you are instructed to get pre operative lab work, it is your responsibility to complete the lab request and have the results submitted to 512-879-6866 and your doctors office at least 7 days prior to your date of service.

Financial Responsibility 

Westlake Hills Surgery Center appreciates the confidence you have shown in choosing us to provide for your health care needs.  The service you have elected to participate in implies a financial responsibility on your part.  The responsibility obligates you to ensure payment in full of our fees which will include the time spent in the operating room and the amount of time you are under anesthesia. Additional fees you may be depending on your procedure may include implants, or special equipment requests by your surgeon.

If your scheduled case runs over the allotted time provided by your physician, you will be responsible for that additional time of operating room and anesthesia charges and any additional equipment or implants required.


Discharge of Medicated Patients 

It is the policy of Westlake Hills Surgery Center that patients who are given narcotic medications for procedures must be discharged in the care of a responsible adult (either friend/family member, or medical transport service) in order to ensure the patient does not drive home following their procedure.

Patients are responsible for arranging this transportation to and from the surgery center. This must be confirmed prior to the day of surgery. The correct contact information of the responsible adult must be confirmed with Westlake Hills Surgery Center upon your arrival the day of surgery.

Patients who received general anesthesia or moderate anesthesia will not be released to a Cab, Fare, Fasten or other non-medical transportation service.

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