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YOU WILL RECEIVE A PRE-OP SCREENING CALL FROM KELLEY HUNT from a 502 area-coded number. This is mandatory to keep your appointment! Please call her back at your earliest convenience.

  • PLEASE DO NOT eat or drink anything 8 hours before your scheduled procedure. 

  • Please arrive 1 hour before your scheduled procedure start time. Please allow the appropriate amount of time for traffic or possible weather issues.

  • It is REQUIRED that a friend or family member bring you and drive you home after your procedure. This person MUST BE OVER 18 years of age with a current valid driver's license.  We will not discharge you to the care of a minor. Your caregiver must also speak fluent English. We review important post-operative instructions with your caregiver before your discharge and it is mandatory that they are able to understand the instructions clearly. Your caregiver may leave while you are in surgery, they will be contacted 30 minutes before you come out of the OR, and you will be held in recovery for one hour. If your ride is not back by the scheduled release time, each additional hour you are here will result in a $75 per hour charge. It is also required that you have a responsible adult stay with you for 24 hours following surgery. 

  •  Remember to wear or bring loose fitting clothes. Tops should be a button up or zip up. You do not want to wear any garment that has to be pulled over your head. In some cases you may leave on your bottoms given there is no zippers, buttons, or metal on them

  • Please shower the day of surgery, please use antibacterial soap on your body and use a fresh towel to dry off with after. Please bring or wear socks, this is may be the only thing you may leave on during surgery. Please do not wear flip flops, heels, lace-up boots, or anything that could be dangerous for you to walk in.

  • If you are staying at an overnight facility please be sure you bring all of your medications in a clear ziplock bag. 

  • Also, please bring any medications you routinely take at home (inhaler, CPAP, insulin, etc.). If you were cleared by your physician to take any other medications the day of your procedure please bring those along as well.

  • Please do not wear make-up, lotions, perfumes, body sprays, deodorant, etc.

  • Please make sure that all jewelry is removed before surgery, this includes all body piercings. It is best to leave all valuables at home.

  • If you wear contact lenses; be sure to remove them prior to your arrival, if you must wear them to the facility please make sure bring your solution and contact case so we may properly store them during surgery.

  • Please inform your doctors’ office and Westlake Hills Surgery Center of any drug allergies or contact allergies (i.e. latex or adhesives) you have. If you have ever had a reaction to anesthesia and/or you currently seeing a cardiologist or pulmonologist please inform Kelley Hunt, operations manager, so she may alert anesthesia. Blood work and medical clearance may be required for your safety.

  • ANESTHESIA PRE-OP SCREENING CALL ~ You will receive a call from Kelley, our pre-op coordinator, she will review your health history, this screening call must be complete prior to your surgery in order to proceed. 



 You will have 1 payment due to Westlake Hills Surgery Center. This payment is due 2 weeks prior to your date of service. If you are booked less than 2 weeks prior to your date of service, your payment due in full with-in 24 hours of your pre-op.  This includes the facility fee and the anesthesia fee, as well as any additional equipment your surgeon has requested. We accept all major credit cards.  We also do not accept Care Credit. Personal checks and cashier’s checks should be delivered to the facility two weeks prior to your scheduled procedure.

These instructions are to help make your surgery day as comfortable as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact us.


Please direct general questions and payments, or any other inquiry not directly related to anesthesia to:

Kelley Hunt

Operations Manager

Westlake Hills Surgery Center/Austin SurgiCo.  

(512) 717-3114 Office

(512) 696-2191 Direct

(512) 879-6866 Fax


Please direct anesthesia questions or concerns to:

Kim Russell, CRNA

Head of Anesthesia

Westlake Hills Surgery Center/Austin SurgiCo

(512) 413-2425

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